Type 1 PWD, Wannabe CDE

welcomeWhen I first started blogging in 2005, it was because I wanted my own space again. I started off in the Diabetes Online Community back in 2000, before it even had a name, and it was with my website CureNow. CureNow allowed me to write about things going on in the diabetes community that I found interesting. Then I was hired to work for Diabetes Station, which was owned by the late Deb Butterfield, and it was really fun but I didn’t have a lot of control over when I wrote things. Everything had to be sent to my editor, who then posted for me. So I wanted some more freedom and I wanted a larger audience, and that’s when I started Lemonade Life.

Lemonade Life eventually morphed into a personal blog because I got tired of talking about my own diabetes. I still don’t really find my own diabetes all that interesting, so you’re probably wondering why the heck I would go to the trouble of starting a blog devoted to diabetes. Excellent question. I can already tell I have a smart readership.

Lemonade Life eventually fizzled out and six months later I opened With Faith & Grace. From the beginning, WF&G had more of a lifestyle and health feel to it, and I sort of purposefully didn’t mention my diabetes very much. Even though I always said I wanted to have a cohesive unified blog to represent me as a whole person, I’ve also realized that my readership is not nearly so cohesively unified. I started to feel a tad awkward whenever I wanted to talk about diabetes. I either consciously or subconsciously felt the need to explain — and re-explain — all the diabetes jargon. It was exhausting and I’m sure boring for a lot of people.

In addition, I’m currently working on a book about young adults with diabetes and I’m also in school to become a diabetes educator. With those two things also in mind, I realized I needed to have a more diabetes-based platform to talk about, well, myself and my work. Yes, my blog is a publicity tool, but honestly, what blog isn’t?

I will probably still mention diabetes every so often on WF&G but certainly not to the extent that I either was or wanted to. The Blood Sugar Whisperer will become my diabetes home, and With Faith & Grace will become my everything else home. Some overlap, yes, but I think everyone will get the hang of it.

So next comes the question “Why the heck are you calling this The Blood Sugar Whisperer?” I thought up the phrase awhile back and I thought it was sort of an apt title for what I hope to become. Someone who is a “whisperer” — like a horse whisperer — has a special ability to interact and calm whatever it is they can speak to. As a PWD, I’m always working on ways to manage my diabetes, in essence “whispering” to my diabetes, hoping to calm it down. I also think there’s an element of this in diabetes educators.

The Blood Sugar Whisperer is more of an aspirational title, and I certainly don’t have everything figured out. But every so often, when I manage to have a several hour no-hitter on my CGM or perfectly bolus for the cupcake I just indulged in, I do feel somewhat like a Blood Sugar Whisperer.

At the very least, it’s a more family friendly title than “Diabetes is My Bitch, Yo!”

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6 Responses to Type 1 PWD, Wannabe CDE

  1. landileigh says:

    AWESOME FIRST POST! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Laddie says:

    I love the blog name and look forward to reading more posts as you continue your journey with Type 1 and becoming a CDE.

  3. Coolness! Congrats on the new space. Also, congrats on the educational endeavor: I either didn’t know about it or had forgotten. Very happy for you and your future patients.

  4. Looks like a nice new approach to d-blogging! Congrats.

  5. Scott E says:

    I think “Diabetes is My Bitch, Yo!” would be a fine name for a diabetes blog! But this one is good too :)

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