DSMA May Carnival: Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths-vs-WeaknessesI’m joining the DSMA for this month’s Blog Carnival! This month’s prompt is:

What do you consider to be your Diabetes Strengths?  What do you think are your Diabetes Weaknesses?

What a loaded question(s)!


I think my biggest strength is my positive attitude. I try to not let diabetes get me down. I don’t want it to have that kind of power over me. I don’t dwell on high blood sugars or low blood sugars, and if it’s something I don’t understand, I just move on. I know that diabetes is an incredibly convoluted and frustrating disease, and sometimes there just isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. I try to keep an level-headed perspective on diabetes because I think that if I wrapped myself up in every little detail or question, I would drive myself crazy.

Another strength I have is curiosity. By nature, I’m very curious (hello journalism degree!) and I think that curiosity has been very helpful in diabetes. I enjoy learning about it, whether it’s a new product or diabetes research or something that someone is doing to make life easier. Learning about diabetes has helped to demystify it a little bit and that makes it a little less scary. Obviously I still have worries and concerns about it, but an ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu taught that you should “know your enemy” and I think that’s very applicable to diabetes. Understanding diabetes helps me manage it better, and it also reminds me of when I need to let go.


Among my many weaknesses is my personal health habits. I tend to forget to test when I get distracted with work or school. I usually don’t bolus until the end of a meal. And for the longest time, I didn’t exercise. I’ve slowly gotten better over the years. I’m much better about testing and I exercise regularly, and I’ve started bolusing at the beginning of the meal. It’s still a work in progress, but I think my latest drop in A1C is a testament to the progress in those areas, although I’m still not very good!

Another weakness I have is in the area of food, which I suppose falls under health habits but this is a bit more specific. Most of the time, I think I can get away with eating whatever I want because I can “just bolus” for whatever I want. It led to other problems, like weight gain, because I let my ability to bolus influence my eating habits. Regardless of whether you can “just bolus” for something, that doesn’t mean you should eat it! But I absolutely hate being told no and self-restraint is a huge weakness.

What are your diabetes strengths and weaknesses? Anyone battle self-restraint issues?

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2 Responses to DSMA May Carnival: Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. I really like your attitude about diabetes. It’s difficult to stay positive but it’s so much better for the soul. I’ve never participated in a blog carnival. Are there different posts or is it just this one for the month? Haha. I guess I could just check out the link, huh. :)

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