News I Didn’t Want To Share

papertoyboxphotographyrainrobotsad-aedd22f0ed310ef5d842e0b42d1b1f0c_hAs some of you may have seen from my blog post on my personal blog, I was rejected from nursing school for this upcoming semester. I had applied to two schools, but unfortunately I didn’t get into either of them.

I will be re-applying for future terms (in fact, two schools actually have programs that start in January, so I won’t have to wait too long), but it’s disappointing nonetheless. I really wanted to get nursing school over and done with, and now I have to drag things out even longer.

One friend of mine asked about dietetics, so I though I’d explain why I chose nursing. In the area where I live, there are only a couple of accredited dietetics programs that I could apply to, which means competition is even higher. I chose nursing because I actually thought it would be easier, but it looks like that is not the case! At this point, it’s too late to apply to a dietetics program, although I’m considering adding it to my list of schools to apply to for the next round, just to up my chances of getting in somewhere. I’m not against dietetics or becoming an RD at all. I just felt that I had a better chance of becoming a nurse.

I’m disappointed that I don’t have better news to share, but this is simply a fact of life when it comes to entering an entirely new field of work, one that needs additional education. It’s disappointing that I have to wait even longer to finally have my dream career, but I also know that there are plenty of things that I can do to help the diabetes community in the meantime. I plan on spending a lot of time this summer and fall working on my book for young adults with diabetes, and I will continue to write about diabetes for various publications.

Thank you immensely for all the support.

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3 Responses to News I Didn’t Want To Share

  1. c says:

    Oh, Allison. I’m so sorry to hear this news. When I applied and was denied for a dietetic internship (5 of them) and then was denied a second semester again, i thought my life was over. I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I strongly believe there’s a reason and a purpose when things like these happen. I was presented with some spectacular opportunities as a result of waiting. I think you will be too. Your goals will be achieved. Good things arent meant to happen instantly :)

    • Thank you SO much for this. Getting rejected makes me feel like a total loser right now, and knowing others who have gone through similar rejections definitely makes me feel like this is just “one of those things” and not a character defect.

  2. Laddie says:

    I’m so sorry that you have encountered such a big bump in the road to becoming a nurse and CDE. We need people like you in the field and I hope that your next round of applications will have positive results. Virtual hugs and a tissue to wipe your tears.

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