The New Adventures of an Old Pumper

BR6ApDlCEAApO49.jpg_largeI’m officially 36 hours into my new adventures on the Omnipod.

I received the call on Wednesday that my insurance company had approved the insulin pump but I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone at Insulet until Friday. When I finally spoke to someone, I told them I was ready and to send out the insulin pump. They told me that I would receive the pump in about 3 to 5 days, and to go ahead and make an appointment with my CDE to get trained. Little did I know that 3 to 5 days would be shortened to just one day! On Saturday evening, when I came home from work, the Insulet box was sitting outside our apartment!

I debated for, oh, five minutes about whether or not I should go ahead and boot myself up. As you can probably tell, I went ahead and booted myself up. Having already been on an insulin pump for a solid 12 years, I knew the pumping lingo and could read the instructions and the PDM easily enough. I had also seen Gary demonstrate how the Omnipod works in May, so I felt I had a clear idea what was going on. Not that there weren’t nervous moments, and I jumped a bit when the Omnipod finally injected into me. Having using a silhouette for many years, I’m used to doing things manually.

Because I still had Lantus in my system, I didn’t start the basal portion of the Omnipod until Sunday morning so that I could make sure it was a good 24 hours since my last injection. That meant I was a bit high overnight (although that ice cream probably didn’t help), but I was back to normal quickly enough with a correction dose. And boy was it nice to just push a few buttons instead of taking an injection. Lordy, I was hating on injections toward the end!

I haven’t really been on the Omnipod long enough to make any real solid observations, other than to say that I like it a lot. There are a few things that I’m not so keen on, but there aren’t any red flags that make me want to send it back. My main issue right now is just simply adjusting my insulin doses from MDIs to an insulin pump. My basal, and likely my bolus ratios, are going to change now that I’m back on an insulin pump, just as it did when I went off the insulin pump. I’m spending a lot of time testing my blood sugar. That 50 mg/dl I woke up to at 4:30 this morning was none too pleasant!

In lieu of proper CDE training, is there anything you think I should know about the Omnipod? (And don’t worry, I know about the doors!)

7 thoughts on “The New Adventures of an Old Pumper

  1. Just one note about the new pods – if you’re filling the pod completely, don’t fill it to the max line. Only fill to the 200u line otherwise you may get pod failures. Apparently there is a known issue about this. Otherwise, happy podding :)

    • I had heard that and I think I was so scared about pod occlusions that I don’t even think I filled it up to 200! But good to know that it’s 200 that’s the max, not that little line below it.

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