Getting A Feel

I think most of us can agree that what we hope that what we put out into the Diabetes Online Community are things that people will find informative, helpful and maybe even a little entertaining. For the most part, I’ve focused on writing just about myself on this particular blog, but I also know from past experience that I don’t normally find my own life with diabetes terribly interesting. I don’t really like recapping any particular diabetes moment unless it’s something that I’ve gleaned some new insight or wisdom from, which after twenty years isn’t terribly often.

For 2014, I’d like to think beyond me. I know there are others who are have questions that I can’t readily answer from my life experience, or there are people with life experiences that are worth highlighting. But I’m not entirely sure where to start. I’d like to get a quick snapshot from you, my lovely readers, about what’s going on in your life so that I can help make The Blood Sugar Whisperer more interesting a better place to visit. There are only 3 questions, so it should be pretty easy to fill out. Thanks in advance!



Something you’re just dying to tell me? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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