DSMA Live & Blue Cupcake Brainstorming

dsmaI completely forgot to mention this earlier this week, but I was on DSMA Live last night! The show is now archived on the DSMA Live website so you can listen to it if you missed it. The show is hosted by Scott Johnson (my new neighbor!), Cherise Shockley and George Simmons and we talked about a ton!

Topics ranged from my diagnosis story to social media and my various advocacy projects, to becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and what I think about the new Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators. Since this past Monday was my 20th diaversary, I shared my thoughts on what I’ve learned over the past 20 years.

We also spent some time brainstorming ideas for Blue Cupcake, my Etsy shop of diabetes-related greetings cards. A couple of my ideas are a new Thank You card for parents of children with diabetes and a new Congratulations card for women with diabetes who have just given birth. Cherise also suggested a Thank You card recognizing the hard work of our beloved healthcare professionals, whether its an endocrinologist, dietitian, diabetes educator or heck, even your ophthalmologist!

You’ll just have to wait and see what comes out next!

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