Diabetes Blog Week: When Life Hands You Lemons…

Today’s prompt: Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets us through a hard day.  Or more specifically, a hard diabetes day.  Is there something positive you tell yourself?  Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through?  Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost?  Maybe we’ve done that and we can help others do it too? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this topic.)


glass-lemonade-3For those who knew me when, you may remember that my first blog was called Lemonade Life. I had it from July 2005 until January 2012, which is when I decided to close it and take an extended blog break.

The name was borne out of the phrase “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” and that has essentially been my primary guiding mantra in life. I consider diabetes to be a rather large lemon, but I do believe there are ways to bring positivity out of it.

Whether that’s getting involved in advocacy to make a difference, getting more fit and active, or becoming close friends with someone in the diabetes community, I think that diabetes can indirectly bring some happiness. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t love diabetes. But I do love that I have had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to be part of two big advocacy events (JDRF’s Children’s Congress and JDRF’s Government Day). I love that I’ve met some amazing women who have become some of my best friends. I love that I already had a huge network of wonderful and kind people when I moved to Minnesota and knew no one besides my husband’s family.

Remembering some of the good things that life with diabetes has brought me doesn’t necessarily make having diabetes okay (I would still really, really like to get rid of it) and I still get frustrated in the moments with the diabetes ups and downs. But I don’t let that be my overarching attitude about my life with diabetes. Diabetes sucks, but my life with diabetes? It’s pretty awesome.

And I think it is incredibly empowering to take something that is supposed to ruin your life (like a chronic illness) and make something good out of it.



7 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week: When Life Hands You Lemons…

  1. I agree fully. Diabetes has definitely made the valleys in my life a little deeper, but the peaks have been all the more incredible. So although I wish I could cure all chronic illnesses, including my own, they do add quite a bit of depth and experience to life that I’ve found extremely valuable.

  2. Your last statement is so powerful. I’ve been told “it seems like you like having diabetes!” and I guess that is a compliment on my attitude, but it is frustrating because seriously… no one likes having it. I don’t like having it, but I make the best of it. Or try to!

  3. Excellent post! Diabetes sucks, but why should sell ourselves short by convincing ourselves that nothing good can come of diabetes? Doing so would be…saddening.

  4. Agreed. Even though some things in life do suck, no reason we can’t make the best out of those situations and have a little fun when appropriate. Great post and long-standing mantra, Allison!

  5. So true. Diabetes is a chronic condition. It’s not going away whether we sulk or try to make live with it the best way we can. Like you, I’d rather make the best of the situation. Why waste the lemon when we can enjoy lemonade?

  6. I love this post, I must admit that some of the greatest friends I have made have been through the DOC. It’s so nice being able to communicate with people who get it. I am a mother of a T1, but love reading the stories of those who have T1 so I will better know how to understand my son as he ages (he is almost 2 years old now). Thank you for sharing your story! :)

  7. I experience tons of anxiety when I have a low blood sugar. I also begin to have paranoia.

    Diabetic Food

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