Around These Parts

woman-typing-at-computer2I have a few new freelance pieces were published recently that I want to share!

First: Now on newsstands, my eagerly-awaited article on the relationship between patients and their healthcare professionals is now out in the Fall issue of Diabetic Living magazine! That piece features several members of the DOC who graciously contributed their thoughts. I also have a shorter piece on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which features Lizmari Collazo.

Second: I’m now one of the featured bloggers on Insulet’s SuiteD! I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about diabetes and the journey to being an insulin pumper. I have six posts planned over the next few months. My first post, on celebrating life with diabetes, went up last Friday.

Third: My article on diabulimia was published on Insulin Nation earlier this month. I think it’s such an important topic affecting so many women. I was able to speak to a couple of women who work at a local treatment center specializing in diabetes and eating disorders. It was really interesting to learn about the great work being done here in Minneapolis.

And in case you missed it: I also wrote a recap of the ADA Scientific Sessions last month for Insulin Nation, as well as an article comparing five trendy diets.

Fourth: I wrote an article comparing various sweeteners and artificial sweeteners for Diabetes Health. I know this is quite a controversial topic! I also wrote a piece on e-cigarettes for their pharmacist publication. That was quite an interesting topic to read about. I had no idea e-cigarettes were so unhealthy! I mean, I knew they weren’t healthy, but they are a lot worse than I thought.

One thought on “Around These Parts

  1. Obviously, no one has to worry about you staying busy. Glad you lined up all of these interesting stories. No one tells them quite like you.

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