2014: My Diabetes Year-in-Review


In 2014, I marked ___ years with diabetes: 20

Best diabetes experience… I’ve made several new diabetes friends in Minneapolis, which has not only made living with diabetes easier but also helped make my transition to a new state a little easier.

Worst diabetes experience… I had an epically bad diabetes day in late July, right after we moved into our house. I had a crazy long high blood sugar but rage bolused myself into the ground. Hit one of my lowest blood sugars ever — 31 mg/dl and was low for about two hours before I finally crawled back out. I was a sweaty, tired, miserable mess.

This year, I learned… after my epic low, I talked to my CDE about what happened and she explained how insulin absorption works, and that giving more and more insulin into the same spot doesn’t necessarily make blood sugar go down any faster, because it just forms a big insulin bubble that takes awhile to dissipate.

Biggest accomplishment… getting my A1C under 7% was a huge accomplishment for me. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but it did! I also lost 25 lbs this year, which I’m really happy about, too. And I ran a half marathon. I guess this was a pretty accomplished year!

Biggest disappointment… for the time being, I’ve had to give up gluten. Womp womp. After some serious tummy troubles over the summer, I started a gluten-free experiment which seems to be helping… mostly. Still seeing the occasional stomach ache, but for the most part, things have quieted down considerably. I mean, I’m happy to not have the stomach ache stuff, and most gluten free isn’t that bad, but it still sucks to have to give up things or put extra work into eating!

Newest tool in my D bag… Part of getting my A1C down was in part to using Victoza, which I started in June.

Favorite new blog / website / place on the Internet to talk to D-folks: I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook forums these days. I participate on a couple groups for women with diabetes, a couple of groups about pregnancy and diabetes (I’M JUST DOING RESEARCH!), and a couple of D-device groups for Omnipod and Dexcom. I’m also a fan of my friend Cynthia’s diabetes page called Diabetes Light: My holistic journey to health, where she talks a lot about holistic methods of managing diabetes and her other chronic illnesses.

My goal for 2015… my main two goals are: 1) continue losing weight and get down to my goal weight and 2) keep my A1C in the 6s. I tend to go fluctuate a lot with my A1C so if I could just keep it stable in a good range, I would be very happy!

Something I’m going to try… downloading my Dexcom CGM more often. I know that looking at my trends will help me make more informed changes. I also know that I shouldn’t be so quick to make changes. Sometimes I get really impulsive, like “Oh, I’m low?! Must need less basal!” and then I’m high the next day because this isn’t a trend, this is just one day. 


(Feel free to use this on your own blog to recap your year!)

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