Top Posts of 2014

I thought it would be fun to reflect on last year’s blog posts!

1. My favorite post was The Case of the Possessed Dexcom Sensor.

“That’s strange, I thought. When it was powered up, it prompted me to enter the time and date. When it got to the trend graph, there’s was nothing. There was nothing on the graph. The entire day had been erased. All my data was gone.”

2. My most popular post was Omnipod & Freestyle Users: Test Strip Recall! 

“Attention fellow podders!! Abbott has issued a recall for its Freestyle test strips that are used with the Omnipod PDM. According to Abbott, the strips may be reading erroneously low blood sugars. You should contact Abbott to receive a new supply of 400 test strips.”

3. My most helpful post was The Story of the Insulin Onion.

“Layer by layer of insulin starts to work, but the inner layers can work until the outer layers have dissipated. The larger the dose, the bigger the insulin onion.”

4. A post whose success surprised me was On Being Diagnosed With “Juvenile” Diabetes As An Adult.

“Your tests showed a large amount of glucose in your urine and you’re producing ketones. You have diabetes, it’s a pretty serious situation and we need to send you to the hospital. Do you have anyone with you?”

5. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved was Walking A Mile.

“We are so focused on our own arduous path that we rarely look over to see if someone else needs help. We judge people based solely on a few sideways glances, never really looking to see what they’re working against.”

6. My most beautiful post was Casting Stones.

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes it’s just another shade of crap.” 

7. The post I was most scared to push publish on was Cool Kids.

“But I also want people to understand that the people you are jealous of also work their asses off for this and it’s not an accident that things are the way they are. This happens in almost every blogging niche — from fashion to home design to food to other chronic diseases. There are people who dedicate themselves just a little bit more to doing what they are doing and they become more well-known, and companies take notice of that.”

8. The post I am most proud of was God’s Country. 

“I couldn’t believe it. No, really, I couldn’t believe it.”

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