Who is the Blood Sugar Whisperer?

My name is Allison Nimlos and I am not the Blood Sugar Whisperer. But someday I’d like to be.

I am a twenty year veteran of type 1 diabetes and I have spent more than 10 years writing about diabetes. I’m a freelance diabetes writer and pursuing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

I opened my first diabetes website when I was in high school, followed by DiabetesTeenTalk when I was in college. I also worked in public relations for three years and then had a two year stint at DiabetesMine.com as the Assistant Editor.

I own Blue Cupcake, an Etsy store with several lines of diabetes-inspired greeting cards for celebrating milestones in the life of a PWD, including diaversaries and achievements in weight loss and A1C. We also sell thank you cards for Walks and Rides to Cure Diabetes.

I currently manage my diabetes using an Omnipod and a Dexcom continuous glucose monitors, but I have also used a Medtronic pump, Lantus + Humalog, and Regular + NPH to manage my diabetes. I also take Victoza off-label to help with insulin resistance. To stay active, I enjoy running, strength training and hot yoga.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband and our adorable kitty, Natasha. I enjoy reading non-fiction, watching independent films, and spending time with friends. I also blog about non-diabetes related topics at my personal blog, With Faith & Grace.

One thought on “Who is the Blood Sugar Whisperer?

  1. I got your info forwarded to me, and enjoyed reading it. I’ve been a T1 since Aug. of 1941, and I am now 76 years old. I am active everyday, and looking forward to getting Joslin’s 75 year medal next year! As frustrating as T1 might be on some days, I remain positive in my thinking, and have a college degree, a family, with my husband of 53 years, 2 married sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 5 grandchildren. All are in good health. I have no diabetic complications. Joslin proved to the world, with their 50 Year Medalist Study, that genes play a big roll in helping diabetics not to have complications. There can only be better help for control of bgs in the future in using the results of this research. I participated in that study. Take care. I will be checking in for your news, Thank you for the support you give to diabetics.

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